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My career as a designer begins in 2010 when I enrolled in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano. I’ve always had a passion for designing, I always tried to understand how things work and how could I modify them. This brought me to enroll in Design & Engineering, where I could study manufacturing processes and materials behaviour. During my Master Degree I’ve had the chance to develop better designing and concept development skills. I’m also very interested in web designing and management. At Polifactory I’m developing my Master Degree thesis.

The project is about an analysis of modern work. It’s form is quickly changing and becoming completely digital.
The concept development has been made going through the study of HCI and IoT technologies, and how they can be used in a modern context.
Work, as commonly intended as “a place where to go” is changing, becoming “an activity that needs to be done”. This modification has obvious psychological effects that are considered in the project development.
This study will result in designing a new kind of office, completely connected, able to collect data about the users in order to modify itself. Following this idea have been designed tables, panels, tools for the ubiquitous working and relax bubbles. In this way, the aim is to create an active ecosystem between user and environment. The prototype developed will be a relaxing hub able to increase concentration and relaxation, with the use of different stimuli like white noise, dimmerable lights and transparency.

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