Distributed Design and “Smart Making” in the Covid-19 Era – DELiCE presentation webinar

16th October 2020 | 5.30 PM > 6.30 PM

Creative Europe Platform | Distributed Design

The Webinar is dedicated to the story of two Distributed Design (for) Education experiences involving makers, designers, fab labs and independent innovators developed during the lockdown, in the first phase of the COVID crisis.
Developed by Fab Lab Benfica, Fabschools Project aimed at testing the robustness of the Distributed Design proposal and its values while addressing the COVID-19 home education context, by exploring diverse contexts where Maker Education can thrive and be useful. It is also set on the premise that designers can become key actors in the educational field applying the principles of Distributed Design to a Home Education setting.
Designing Everyday Life In The Covid-19 Era (DELiCE) is an experimental initiative developed by the Fab Lab Polifactory that stimulated (during the lockdown) young designers of the School of Design – Politecnico di Milano to co-design and implement a collection of open source solutions exploring emerging needs related to the so-called “COVID-19 era”.
These two experiences are intended to stimulate a dialogue on the changes taking place in the processes and practices of experimental learning related to Distributed Design developed by designers and makers within Fab Labs, schools and universities.


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5.30 PM | Intro – Distributed Design in the Covid-19 Era

Massimo Bianchini – Assistant Professor at Department of Design Politecnico di Milano – Manager at Polifactory Fab Lab 


André Rocha – Adjunct Professor at ESELx – IPL and Fab Manager / Scientific Coordinator at Fab Lab Benfica (ESELX-IPL)

5.55 PM | DELiCE – Design Everyday Life in the Covid-19 Era

Patrizia Bolzan and Andrea Ascani – Research Associates Professor at Department of Design Politecnico di Milano and Polifactory Fab Lab

6.10 – 6.20 PM | DELiCE – Projects and designers





6.20 PM | Q&A session with the protagonists