Polifactory is a 300 sqm space located in the Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano

The Space

Polifactory is a makerspace that combines a coworking area. It is equipped with a large collective central table intended to accommodate its designers and researchers community, with two laboratories (Machine Shop and Workshop) equipped with machines and tools for the analog/digital manufacture.
In is also present a reconfigurable space for presentations, workshops and events, a kitchen and a living room setting the mood to live Polifactory in an open and informal way, encouranging to socialize and develop new projects.


Since 2016 Polifactory is officially part of the global network of Fab Lab and it is present on the collaborative platform fablabs.io, Fab Lab’s international community social network, with over than 1000 laboratories in 40 countries, and site of change for activites developed by communities of makers, artists, scientists and researcher, engineer and designers, amateurs and professionists.

In addition there also is a networking activity with university factories and laboratories, makerspaces and coworking, national and international associations dealing with making, fabbing and new production models at urban scale.

Polifactory is member of the collective sustaining the Fab City Global Initiative and it is also institutional partner of Manifattura Milano and of its initiative Manifatture Aperte.

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Fab Foundation

Fab Charter

Fab City Global Initiative

Manifattura Milano – Manifatture Aperte

Polifactory in 2018 became part of the KETs Technology Centers accredited by the European Commission. KETs Technology Centers are public or private organizations that conduct applied research and market-driven innovation in KETs. They help small and medium-sized enterprises to leave the laboratory to go to market, to develop and produce new products based on KETs, reducing the timing of launch of their innovative ideas.

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