Polifactory was born from the vision and joint initiative of three departments of the Politecnico di Milano


Polifactory was established in 2015 as an interdepartmental research laboratory, thanks to the collaboration between several Departments of the Politecnico di Milano: the Department of Design, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering. The aim is to interweave and enhance the different design cultures in Politecnico di Milano.

Polifactory connects these technical, scientific, cultural and organisational systems to create a multi- and inter-disciplinary centre dedicated to new design and production models of product-service systems.

The makerspace is accessible to the community of Politecnico di Milano lecturers, researchers, PhD students and students within specific projects (such as Talents in Residence). It collaborates with companies, public and private organisations and institutions, and associations operating in Lombardy, Italy or abroad.