BODYSOUND for “Meet and Code”

Another experimental moment of the pilot project BODYSOUND, developed by Polifactory as part of the European project SISCODE.

On Wednesday, at the office of Facebook Italia, the experimental laboratory “Meet and Code” took place, in collaboration with patient association FightTheStroke.

The experience is inspired from the Ear-training (the training of the so-called “musical ear“) made accessible through littleBits technology. The children — interacting with knobs, levers, rudders designed in connection with the synth version of littleBits — were guided in a narrative path to approach sound through the knowledge/experimentation of some specific characteristics (eg., frequency, volume, filter).

Manipulating the sound to generate the most varied consonances and dissonances served to acquire awareness and to associate it with physical movements and muscle memory, as it happens in the perception of a musician.