64K is the Polifactory Computer Club. Where design, electronics and IT enthusiasts experiment together to develop projects and initiatives.

Computer Club pays homage to one of the first personal computer, Commodore 64, upon wich most of IT, designers and thinkerers started to program, experiment and innovate. Inspired by that pioneering era and its values, Polifactory creates Computer Club 64K.

Starting from the origins, capturing the spirit of the pioneers and bringing it into today’s challenges. 64K was born in 2016 from the joint and collaboration between Polifactory, NESLab from DEIB Department and POuL association, and Politecnico Open unix Labs with the aim of building a new meeting, discussion and design point for the experimental IT community of the university. Hackers, makers, coders, computer technology, electronics and physical computing amateurs from Politecnico di Milano can meet each other inside Polifactory and start collaborating freely in order to experiment around projects born from new combinations of different interests and passions.

Why creating a Computer Club? To PoUL, is the possibility to get in touch with the design and digital fabrication worlds. To Polifactory, 64K is an initiative able to connect different communities of experimenters-designers creating new ones. Finally, to NESLab, 64K is an opportunity to contaminate research and experimental practices in the field of information technology with complementary skills and backgrounds.

To know more about the 64K initiatives, please write to polifactory@polimi.it.