POLIFACTORY is the official makerspace and fablab of Politecnico di Milano POLIFACTORY is a research lab
to explore new design and production models for products-service
POLIFACTORY is a place
to experiment
new models of hands on and peer-to-peer
POLIFACTORY is a platform to discuss on transformations of contemporary societies POLIFACTORY is a place to design and develop innovation by making real things

Latest News

Make to Care

MakeToCare aims to identify, map and represent an emerging ecosystem of patient innovators, independent researchers, research institutions, start-ups and new entrepreneurs, makers and workshops for digital production that work for the development of concrete design solutions capable of improving the everyday life and health of persons living in situations of disability.

A lab for making and researching

Polifactory deals with different types of activity: scientific research, competitive research, consultancy, educational/cultural initiatives and strategic research.

Cultural activities and events

Polifactory promotes and organizes seminars, conferences, events and exhibitions to explore new cultures of design and production.

Partners and technical sponsors