Working for realizing T-Factor meanwhile uses at MIND

As part of Polifactory’s mission for the European project T-Factor, our team is working to design and realise meanwhile uses in the MIND Milano Innovation District area. This goal requires to co-design for building synergies between the actors currently operating in this newborn reality and its surrounding territory under transformation.

In this spirit, Polifactory is planning a joint initiative called Community House, which will involve the ROLD ACADEMY and CoopeRho. Yesterday, the second of three co-design sessions facilitated by our team took place, also with the support of PlusValue and Fondazione Triulza. We discussed and co-designed together with the representatives of the two organisations involved, in an afternoon full of ideas and planning within the welcoming ROLD ACADEMY headquarters and laboratory at MIND.

The Community House will become one of the meanwhile uses of the T-Factor pilot within the area of MIND. As such, it is intended to be a space that hosts both the companies newly moved to MIND, and the non-profit organisations in the area, with the aim of co-producing activities and services for their extended community. This experience will shape a model of collaboration between the private sector and third sector, focusing on social impact projects that enhance the skills belonging to both worlds.