Ewoud Westerduin

Product Designer - Talent in Residence

Born in the Netherlands, Ewoud has also lived in France and Italy for over 15 years. After obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven in 2016, he returned to Italy to study for his Master’s Degree in Integrated Product Design at the Politecnico di Milano. A maker at heart, he aims at physicalizing ideas early on in the design process. He believes Design to be a medium to connect people through beauty and technology.


Air pollution is a growing problem around the world, and current government legislation is not tackling the situation fast enough. Citizens need to protect themselves against this almost invisible threat. That is why Ewoud is working on the development of a new generation of breathing protection devices, aimed specifically at urban athletes (urban commuters, cyclists, sports enthusiasts). The product features several innovative elements, ranging from the production method up to the textile treatments, that diversify itself from existing products available on the market. Currently he is developing several prototypes to start consolidating the concept and testing the masks in use, and assess its manufacturability.