Arianna María Fanio González

Ph.D Candidate

Arianna María Fanio González is a PhD student and research fellow at the Department of Fine Arts, University of La Laguna, Spain, where she is a member of the Design Research and Innovation Group and the Digital Design and Fabrication Research Group. He is also a member of Fab Lab ULL, the first Fab Lab in the Canary Islands to join the Fab Lab Foundation. Her research interests concern maker culture as a basis for the development of social and community projects. At present, Arianna conducts research on the state of the art of the maker movement in the Canary Islands and is developing ‘Acción Veredas‘, a project centred on distributed design to re-evaluate the historical, artistic and artisanal heritage of hydraulic tiles, the tradition of which has been lost in the Canary Islands. In 2022, she was a visiting PhD student at Polifactory.