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Design Healthcare Innovation is the result of a research project aimed at encompassing the actions of the project world in the field of contemporary healthcare, a complex system that needs to be explored with an inclusive approach. More specifically, this platform focuses its scientific interest on the study of bottom-up healthcare innovation processes: it concentrates particularly on those which present a collaborative nature and whose development journey is independent and experimental rather than institutional.

The activities of study and research have been gradually accompanied by a project activity, characterized by its user-centered methodological approach, which is dedicated to the concrete development of product-service solutions.

These project processes feature co-design activities involving researchers, designers, patients, and doctors, who get to explore the opportunities offered by new digital prototyping and fabrication technologies.

In doing so, Design Healthcare Innovation studies, interprets, activates, and narrates the transformations of the materialization processes in the healthcare field, from ideation to market release.

Design Healthcare Innovation develops from the research activity started in 2017 in collaboration with Sanofi and with the support of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano on the occasion of the MakeToCare project. Its main goal was to build a theoretical framework and a methodological structure in order to identify, map, and systematize projects and innovative product-service experiments able to illustrate the ongoing transformation of the healthcare field in Italy.

Design Healthcare Innovation enables dynamic interaction with the healthcare innovation ecosystem through a significant catalog of innovative projects in the field of healthcare.

The set of actors and solutions can be visualised by means of a progressively reconfiguring ‘map‘ and ‘network‘, which makes it possible to observe how actors act to develop solutions.

Some in a more isolated, independent way, others in synergy, creating downright collaboration networks (coalitions). The Map and Network are constantly evolving. Anyone who comes up with an innovative solution that solves a problem or a need in the healthcare sector can submit their candidacy (by filling in a special on-line form), thus becoming part of the Design Healthcare Innovation ecosystem.

The team at Design Healthcare Innovation encompasses a diverse range of skills, mixing various approaches to product, service, and interaction design innovation and methodology. This multidisciplinary nature also results in the research and project development activities and writing and publishing activities, which can be consulted in special sections within the platform.

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