MakeToCare was born as a research activity developed in collaboration with Sanofi Genzyme with the aim of mapping and visualizing the area of interaction between digital manufacturing, patient innovation, and the institutional care sector. This is a new project field, where different subjects move _and often collaborate_ with the aim of developing innovative product-service solutions conceived, designed and implemented to solve or alleviate situations of discomfort and problems related to permanent or temporary pathologies or disabilities.

The MakeToCare area is therefore configured as an area of convergence between research activities, design and co-design practices (which see collaboration between patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and designers) and processes of materialization of artifacts with prevalent use of digital technologies.

The research has made it possible to shape and visualize the MakeToCare Ecosystem by accrediting it in institutional, cultural, scientific and economic spheres as a new possible scenario for the development of innovation in the healthcare sector. An Ecosystem capable of bringing bottom-up innovation into dialogue with applied scientific research in the biomedical sector, which often finds in technologies and shared manufacturing spaces an enabling platform for the democratization and dissemination of product-service solutions dedicated to healthcare.

The MakeToCare ecosystem is at the heart of the first edition of the MakeToCare Report (2017) available for free download al link.



The second edition of the Report (2019) ideally continues the reflections started in the previous one, further investigating the dimension of the Ecosystem and identifying the areas that enhance its action. This has made it possible to outline an external area, called Enabling System, where three new systems of subjects closely connected to the Ecosystem itself are located, which integrate and support it from a regulatory, economic and commercial point of view.

The report also examines the entrepreneurial dimension of innovation through an analysis of the development of solutions thanks to the MakeToCare Ladder, an analysis model developed to analyze the development process and the degree of maturity of the solutions. The MTC Ladder analyses the design development of solutions through four main phases: design, business development, regulatory verification and distribution to the end-user, allowing to highlight different paths to develop innovation in healthcare.

The second Report is also available for free download al link


Gennaio 2018 - Febbraio 2019


Sanofi Genzyme
Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

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Data Visualization

Design Innovation