Yue Liu

Product Designer - Talent in Residence

Born in China, she entered the world of design through painting, that she has studied for many years since childhood. She graduated in Industrial Design at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. She decided to enroll in the Master’s Degree in Product Design for Innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan to strengthen her knowledge of practical aspects of design. Among her passions, there are the Food Design, the Experience Design and the Handicraft. In her opinion, design is a way to tell stories and to create wonderful experiences among people.
Produce amazing experiences with pasta.
The great variety of ways in which it is possible to pass from flour to a final dish of pasta is an expression of the wealth of many different cultures of the past that now coexist in the present. Through the reflections on pasta, the multiculturality of pasta, and the food experience design, a multisensory installation project will be developed, that is able to bring these three key dimensions together, with the aim of enhancing and drawing attention to the craftsmanship, the rituality and the sociality of ancient local traditions, with a view to slow food.